Robert Fromont

Robert Fromont a computer nerd involved in the following projects:

Java / JSP / MySQL / NLP Application Development

LaBB-CAT (formerly ONZE Miner) (for the New Zealand Institute of Language, Brain and Behaviour) - an open-source browser-based research tool for linguists or anyone else who has a large collection of transcribed recordings that they want to search and analyse (as seen in Computer Speech and Language, in Corpora (now and then) and the proceedings of the 2012 ALTA workshop).

Hexagon - an open-source content management system, e.g. un programador involucrado en los proyectos sigiuentes:

Desarollo de Aplicaciones Java / JSP / MySQL / NLP

LaBB-CAT (anteriormente ONZE Miner) (para New Zealand Institute of Language, Brain and Behaviour) - una herramienta de investigación open-source para linguistas o cualquiera que tenga una collección grande de grabaciones con transcripciones que quieren buscar y analizar (como visto en Computer Speech and Language, en Corpora (de vez en cuando) y 2012 ALTA workshop).

Hexagon - un sistema de contenidos web open-source, e.g.

Research Profile

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